Is it possible to achieve the reach of the major corporate search firms while still benefitting from the adaptability, agility, and personalized attention for which boutique firms are renowned? Yes, it is.

The HGM Search Partnership was founded to combine the best aspects of both models to better respond to your unique needs. All members of our partnership operate high-end boutique firms where we excel at building trusted personal relationships with clients. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, we move quickly and nimbly through searches, provide the flexibility our clients desire and guarantee a senior point of contact for all client and candidate communications. Individually, our reputations and proven results keep our clients returning for all of their executive search needs. Collectively, our shared values and vision allow us to work together seamlessly and transparently where a search will benefit from our diverse backgrounds, experience or maximized capacity.

Individually or as a team, the members of the HGM Search Partnership bring integrity, a work ethic and proven search practices to meet and exceed your expectations every time.

What is the HGM Search Partnership?

James Hayes of Merrion Executive Search Inc., Mandeep Grewal of Lakeshore Human Capital Inc., and Matt McTaggart of Ross Executive Search are founding members of the HGM Search Partnership. Building on their years of experience and success with some of the country’s and world’s largest firms, each partner gravitated towards the boutique model. They have thrived by providing the flexibility, responsiveness, and guaranteed single senior point of contact that clients deserve and quality of customer service candidates value.

The HGM Search Partnership was created as a way to leverage and maximize the many benefits of the boutique firm model for clients while permitting our members to scale up capacity when required. The HGM Search Partnership gives you access to the best aspects of both worlds with dedicated executive search providers who have developed strong personal and professional relationships with one another.

What Does This Mean To You As A Potential Client?

Peace of Mind

As your preferred executive search professional, each member of the HGM Search Partnership values the relationship we have developed and/or are developing with you. When a particular search requires enhanced capacity or could benefit from another member’s expertise or pre-existing contacts, your trust in us individually will be well-placed and well-maintained in our partnership.

Depth and Breadth of Experience

Our ability to draw upon our members’ varied experience can be a valuable addition to our individual practices.

Extensive Reach With Intensive Focus

If your search requirements could benefit from access to the HGM Search Partnership resources, the ownership and accountability each of us takes will ensure our teamwork is always a net benefit for you. Enhancing search capacity will never come at the expense of our individual commitment to a guaranteed singular senior point of contact.



James Hayes

Graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce (Banking & Finance) and a Master of Business Studies in Management Consulting from University College Dublin,James led the Banking & Financial Services Practice at Robert Walters (Ireland) a world-leading specialist professional services human capital  firm, for seven years. Following tenures as a Partner at Cambridge Management Planning Inc. (a member of IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide) and as a Senior Associate at EMA Partners Toronto, he drew upon his wealth of North American and international executive search experience, to found Merrion Executive Search Inc., in 2016 and currently serves as Managing Director.

Merrion Executive Search Inc. is a boutique search and advisory firm with comprehensive experience managing national and global engagements in the Financial Services, FinTech, Payments & Transaction Services, Insurance & Reinsurance, Technology and Real Estate sectors.


Mandeep Grewal

After obtaining an Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resources) from McMaster University and a Master of Business Administration (Finance and Accounting) from York University’s Schulich School of Business, Mandeep joined Korn/Ferry International, working his way over a decade from associate to one of the youngest partners globally. Founding Lakeshore Human Capital Inc. in 2015, he was previously affiliated with the high-end, boutique, executive search firm Rosenzweig & Company Inc., and spent five years as Deputy Managing Partner. Over the course of his search career, Mandeep has completed over 300 assignments in the banking, insurance, real estate, private equity, technology and infrastructure sectors.

Lakeshore Human Capital Inc. is a boutique executive search firm that has built a reputation for a research-driven process and intimate search practices. By accepting selective assignments the firm’s search providers reduce conflicts while still maintaining market coverage.


Matthew McTaggart

Matthew has over 13 years of experience in the recruitment space. Holding a BA and MBA, he began his executive search career with a top global firm, before helping to grow and manage the recruitment function of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board. Prior to founding Ross Executive Search, he also helped build two other boutique executive search firms that focused on the technology, banking and financial services sectors. Having extensive experience working on all sides of the business, Matthew has led Director, VP and C-Suite level searches across a variety of different organizations and industries. He has expertise in building teams for start-ups, fast growth technology companies and businesses facing special situations. Matthew’s functional areas of specialization include: Sales, Strategic Account Management, Marketing, Technology, Finance and Accounting.

Ross Executive Search is a specialized executive search and advisory firm. Challenging traditional agency models by offering diligent, cost-effective and flexible recruitment solutions, the firm supports businesses across a number of industries and sectors from functional specialties to Senior Executive levels.

Our Service Guarantee

Your time is at a premium and the financial resources you invest in a search and successful hire must give you confidence that you will see a return on your investment. All members of the HGM Search Partnership guarantee candidate placements for a period of 12 months. Moreover, we vow to be accessible and available whenever required, to be responsive to your needs, to provide flexibility for your schedule, and to ensure clear communication channels that respect your time.


Do I pay more when multiple partners collaborate on a search?

No. When members of the HGM Search Partnership draw upon their colleagues’ experience, networks and resources it is a value added service at no extra cost to the client.

Why not opt for a large firm if I need more capacity in a search?

The HGM Search Partnership members provide a single senior point of contact every time while prioritising moving through searches swiftly. Our experienced members handle all aspects of a search while leveraging the capacity and reach our partnership provides.

Why do HGM members continue to have their own, independent boutique firms?

Our partners are firm believers in the value of the boutique model. The style and structure of this type of operation offers the responsiveness, flexibility, and personalization that our clients and their prospective candidates desire and deserve. The HGM Search Partnership permits our boutique firms to expand our capacity when needed, while always staying true to our roots.


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